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written by Dr. Ceferino D. Villegas. LL.B

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The Heaven Booklet

You can be Absolutely Sure of Going to heaven!

Do you want to go to Heaven? Of course everybody does! Who wants to go to Hell? We often hear that no one can be sure of going to Heaven. This is not so.

The Bible teaches that we can be absolutely sure of going to Heaven!

The Heaven Booklet gives the passages from the Bible that clearly show that we can be sure indeed!

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Dedication of the Heaven Booklet
The booklet was dedicated to the Upsilon Sigma Phi on its reprinting in 2003.

"I have been invited by Batch '63 of Upslon Sigma Philippines as its Most Illustrious Fellow to celebrate its 40th Anniversary but was unable to attend as I met an accident having fallen from the roof while repairing the Christmas lights.  I broke my skull and right claimed as our helper tried several times to pump my chest to revive me.  The Lord in the process must have restored my life for a purpose and so I dedicated the reprinting to the Fraternity in line with its motto - "We Gather Light to Scatter".

What better light to scatter than the Light that our fellow Fraternity Brod, Senator Benigno Aquino, desired to spread upon his return to the Philippines before this National Hero was assasinated during his arrival at the airport.  During his imprisonment at the time of Martial Law he had an encounter with the Lord when he read Chuck Colson's Born Again and wrote - Brods we could either be a Candle or a Mirror to reflect the Light."

Explanation of booklet dedication to the UPSILON